Thursday, May 9, 2013

Middle School Homework is NO Joke

I am not a scholar but I feel reasonably smart but sometimes my daughter's homework really kicks my butt. It leaves me wondering if my parents ever felt stupid helping me with my homework. I'm pretty sure they probably did with Algebra and Physics since they weren't taught Algebra and neither took Physics. I guess I always sorta knew I'd get to that point too, where her schoolwork was hard for me to give adequate help but I really thought it would be high school before I felt that way. I had fears of Calculus and maybe foreign languages but even just her 6th grade Language Arts homework ends up being really tough.

Although her work is actual WORK for me too one benefit I have over my parents is that I can find answers and explanations with just a few little steps online. That has saved my butt for a long time, especially now that she is doing work a little more in depth than previous years. I don't routinely do algebra with fractions and other tricky things on a daily basis (THANK GOD) but its a huge help to look it up online and find diagrams, videos and step by step instructions how to solve problems.

Luckily, I think that the internet will do nothing but improve so hopefully by the time she has totally maxed out the knowledge I have to pass on to her I'll be able to find something online so she thinks I know what I'm doing!

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