Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Fit, Making Changes


I started doing Cross Fit a month ago in an effort to get myself healthier. I could not be happier, I love it. Yes, sometimes most of the time I'm the weakest in the class and on timed work outs I'm towards the end of the list but I love that I am seeing improvements and that I'm getting stronger. I always see this photo online and never really thought about it but so far its proving to be true. A month into Cross Fit I'm seeing I can lift a little bit heavier weights, not come in last on the runs, not shorten or modify the workouts down to such an easy level and all this progress feels great. Knowing I'm finally getting off the couch and making better choices feels really good. I've also been Diet Coke free for 5 days which has been REALLY hard at times but I know I need to stop drinking so many of them. Either way, I'm glad I am making myself do some stuff to be healthier, it isn't an easy process so I'm doing them in baby steps but I am really proud of myself for attempting and sticking with this long enough to feel stronger and see some progress.

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