Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Spring comes...

I'm planting some vegetables in our little garden area. We live in an area that used to be an old sod farm many years ago and things grow really well. In the past we've had good luck with tomatoes and peppers but I'll probably try some other things that I can use in more meals.

I don't like raw tomatoes unless they are in salsa and I'm the only one who eats hot peppers so I need to make sure that I grow some stuff that are a little more versatile. We did grow yellow squash one year and they were HUGE but when I cut into one that was over a foot long there was a few worms in it and I was beyond disgusted. Do you want to see these bugs when you cut open a vegetable? I actually haven't had a garden since that discovery, it seriously creeped me out and they were over an inch long. Even now I feel like my head and skin are crawling just thinking about them LOL

I'm also starting to grow some garlic. I'm not sure how it will turn out as I have never done it before but I saw a few pins on Pinterest about using a clove of garlic to grow more so I decided to give it a try. I also had one of these I found in the back of the fridge the other day so that gave me the motivation to grow the garlic

What are you planning on planting this Spring? 

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  1. Found your blog from the March blog hop and am now your newest follower!



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