Monday, February 4, 2013

I'll never have grape leaves again!

Tonight after I got home from the gym I was looking in the fridge for something to eat and I guess I was wanting something salty because a nice, cold dill pickle was what I grabbed first. I like dill pickles and pretty much none of the other flavor variations of pickles. Not sure why the others never really did it for me but like many other things in my life, if I found something that works, I stick with it.

As I bit into the pickle I was reminded of a bad experience with something pickle flavored a few years ago when I was in photography school. Our first semester class was talking one day about different ethnic foods and our teacher found out there were 3 of us girls who had never had Greek or Mediterranean food. This teacher had lived in New York and Miami and was very familiar with all sorts of ethic foods and he thought it was shameful we had never tried these types of food so our whole class went out for lunch that day to a place that served Greek and Mediterranean food. The deal was that he'd pay for the 3 of us girls but we had to try everything we were given. Always up for free stuff, I was game. Guess I should have considered the fact that I was more of a picky eater than I am cheap and this might not be the best deal for me.

I can't remember any of the Greek food I had that day that I liked besides hummus, almost all of it was pretty much tolerable except one thing, the stuffed grape leaves. The grape leaves looked sorta innocent on the plate, I'd told myself that they were little green enchiladas or egg rolls but I found out that wasn't anywhere close to accurate. I picked up the grape leaf and the texture was a little weird but not necessarily a deal breaker. The deal breaker for me came when I had the grape leaf halfway in my mouth when Mason said "they taste sorta like a pickle" and I discovered that he was right! It DID taste like a pickle, almost exactly like a dill pickle in fact. The ONLY problem with it was that when my mouth tastes pickles it expects a certain texture and those stuffed grape leaves were definitely NOT anywhere close to that of a pickle. My mind is saying pickle=yum but my brain was thinking pickle=crunchy NOT squishy. To this day, that is the only normal food I'll never eat again. I barely choked down the one bite I took and it was the closest I've ever come to losing my lunch mid-meal. . Its funny though how your brain works and interprets tastes and textures, I'm sure if Mason hadn't said that it tasted like a pickle I still wouldn't have liked it but I don't think I would have felt like gagging!

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