Saturday, January 12, 2013

Your 100 Day Prayer

I recently finished reading through "Your 100 Day Prayer" by John I. Snyder and I was pleasantly surprised with the way this book was laid out and how you are supposed to use this book. The author said its a "guide to lead you through a 100-day period of prayer as you face a crisis or problem of greater than normal difficulty. It's offered as both an encouragement and a guide to sustained petition". I like that you are supposed to use this as a concentrated effort to increase your prayer life over a set period of time about a specific trial in your life. For some reason, I seem to do better with small goals like praying consistently for 100 days instead of just having the idea to increase my prayer life overall and hope it becomes a habit. Usually after that set amount of time like the 100 days it DOES become a habit, I've just had to trick myself into doing it this way :)

This book has such a nice set up, a page or two to read, a small prayer and then space to journal about what you read/prayed about that day based on the reading. One thing that really stood out to me while doing this book was that so often when we have problems we are going through we expect an immediate answer to prayer when sometimes that isn't what we need or what we should hope for. Sometimes what we need to focus on is how things will play out long term and that we may not get answers on our expected timeline but He does answer

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