Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My grandmother (paternal) on the camel on the left, stepmom on the camel on the right and my grandfather holding the ropes between them. He said you couldn't pay him enough to climb on one but he figured while taking a once in a lifetime tour in Egypt you might as well see them up close

I've been fortunate to have made it to 34 with all four of my grandparents still living but the bad thing about that is that they all seem to be falling apart at the same time! Yesterday was my maternal grandmother's 86th birthday and I guess she had some sort of angina problems and ended up having a really bad day. Her husband needs care 24/7 because he's sort of fading away both mentally and physically. Also yesterday I got an email from my dad about his parents, apparently my other grandfather is slipping mentally and is really stressing out my grandmother, who has had a lot of heart problems over the years. Its really weird, growing up I would always talk to my parents and my brother about which grandparent could/would be able to go on living when their spouse died. We were never really able to figure out who the stronger spouse in each couple would be. We did determine though that both couples, who have each been married over 55 years, would probably not do well without each other and would be like the couples you hear about who die on the same day or something like that. Now it seems that that might actually happen. Its sad to think about but its also pretty cool that they still love and need each other so much! That doesn't happen often

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