Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals and Happy New Year!

One thing I saw on today that I'd pass on is a list of questions as an overall look at the past year. The link to the site is below, and you can print out a pdf of the questions as well as little cards you could cut up that has a question on each. New Year's Eve Questions

One thing I did well this year was getting better control of my finances, health and my life. Of course there is ALWAYS room for improvements, which I will try to do in 2013 but I definitely did make improvements in these areas over 2011. I didn't meet all my goals for this year, like volunteering but I did read more, I spent more quality time with my family and I got better at sticking with my budget. When you do your taxes and you see your yearly household income there in black and white and realize you don't have much to show for that, THAT is a big eye opener. 

2013 Goals:

Finances--Stick to our budget and build up savings. I'd like to find a Financial Peace University class in our area and use it as a motivator to stay on track Dave Ramsey's FPU

Health--Lose some weight, probably in the 10-15lb range by the end of the year. I want to exercise regularly and eat better

Family--Continue to enjoy my daughter, 11 is a good age for her and I really like spending time with her. Hopefully age 12 will be just as good. Make more time to spend with my husband, maybe go out of town on a long weekend or two. Its tough when you work with your spouse to carve out that time to just be a couple

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