Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Break!

The last few years I've managed to take quite a few days off of work towards the end of December where I don't have to come back until after the new year and its honestly my favorite thing about the holidays!

Even though I hit my reading goal already for this year, I plan on trying to read another book or two in 2012 since I'll have a few uninterrupted days after Christmas without the kiddos. Might as well take some time for myself too! I just finished The Light Between Oceans today and I really like it a lot. I was reading it on my phone while my husband was driving, I was reading it at the kitchen counter while cooking dinner and today when I finished it, I cried. I can probably count on one hand the books that have made me cry and I wasn't really expecting this one to be in that list. Its about a couple who live on a small island in a very isolated area and the husband, Tom, runs the lighthouse on that island. They are the only two inhabitants of the island and struggled for a long time to start a family and were shocked when a boat washed up on their island with a man who had died and a screaming newborn. Blessing?'ll have to read it to find out :) Something about the parents' deep desire to have a family and the the drama that could happen if they don't report finding the baby.

This is kind of an emotional week for me and I think that contributed to my emotions being all over the place while reading this. December 19th is the birthday of my friend Faith, who died 10 years ago in a car accident. Then today, December 20th is the 4 year anniversary of my aunt Cindy's death. She wasn't too much older than me since there were so many kids in my dad's family and he's one of the older ones. She was special to me, she knew/understood/appreciated my wicked sense of humor and understood why certain things were hard for me during my parents very messy divorce. I feel so bad for her son and daughter and the husband she left behind and my grandparents who depended on her for so much.

Having a few somber days before the holidays can be a good thing though. It will make you appreciate the time you had with loved ones and make you thankful for the people who are here today.

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