Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Tips to Staying Friends During the Election

Its that time of the year that I really hate, when everyone on Facebook or Twitter is spouting off their opinions of the politicians running for office. Sometimes seeing the comments and status updates from friends or family makes me really angry, sad and disappointed because so much of it is emotional and not always based on facts. I don't know if you are like me or not but seeing what they've posted can be depressing because it can lower my opinion of them if I see that they post things full of hate, lies or supporting things that I'm totally against. I wonder if they'd talk like that to all 500+ of their friends? I doubt it. 

3 tips to maintain Facebook friendships during the election:

1. If you do not agree with their political stance and they are polite, agree to disagree and don't engage in any debates. If they get into a discussion on Facebook, don't get involved if its starting to heat up. Let them get ticked off with their other friends!

2. Block their posts. If you care about your friendship with someone but can't stand their frequent comments about the election do yourself and your friendship a favor and just put them on block until the election is over. You hide them easily from clogging up your Facebook page but you can still access each other's Walls.

3. Create a separate friend list for your political friends so that you can post freely on your wall without your friends and family getting offended by your political rants. I have an online buddy who does this and for her it has been working out great. She can post any kind of article, video, quote or comment without worrying that she is offending her non political friends. I call that a win-win situation!

I wrote this post after reading a comment on Facebook from my cocky and somewhat pompous younger brother. I debated whether or not I should block or unfriend him. I have unfriended others for less, thats for sure! For now I won't unfriend him. Really, that would be embarrassing to admit later once I'd cool off.

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