Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today's My B-day!

I am 34 today which is sorta weird. I'm very much in my mid-thirties and that just sounds old. Not that it is old but just that I always thought of a 34 yr old as someone older, not me!

Here are some celebrities with whom I share a birthday:

Comedian Norm Crosby is 85--Never heard of him
Actor Tommy Lee Jones is 66--I met him when he was filming Space Cowboys here in FL
Movie director Oliver Stone is 66--I didn't realize he was 66!
Actor Danny Nucci is 44--Never heard of him
Rap DJ Kay Gee is 43--Never heard of him
Actor Josh Charles is 41--Never heard of him
Actor Tom Hardy is 35--Sorta heard about him
Pop-rock musician Zach Filkins (OneRepublic) is 34--I have no idea which one he is in the group but my daughter loves them
TV personality Heidi Montag is 26--I wish I didn't know who she was LOL

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