Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saved Myself $150!

I don't know about you but I HATE when I do something stupid and I have to pay extra money to fix it. When you do dumb things that cost you money my favorite money dude, Dave Ramsey calls things like that "Stupid Tax".

On the day before our cruise we were in Ft. Lauderdale and I did something dumb and messed up the cigarette lighter in my car when I tried to plug my iPhone charger into the outlet in the console of my car. Its at the bottom of the console and admittedly, there is crap in there so I was trying really hard to keep the crap from caving in on the outlet, lift the cover of the outlet and put the charger in. I couldn't get it to fit in properly and kept shoving and shoving the charger in and it just wouldn't fit in tight and stay there. Finally I figured out that there was a tiny bell that had fallen into the outlet and thats why the charger wouldn't go all the way in. How the heck did a tiny bell get in there? I have no idea, probably some Christmas craft shoved in there long since forgotten. I couldn't get it out with my fingers so I took a sewing needle and thought that I could poke the end of it in one of the holes or the little loop on top. Well friends, that was a really dumb thing to do because HOLY COW that thing hurt! The whole 7 days I was on the cruise I had a little line on my finger, about 1/2 inch long from where I got burned. Duh! The car was on, there was metal on an electrical outlet and I stuck something metal into it! So dumb but also a very good lesson for the kids LOL

We thought that the problem might have just been a blown fuse since both the outlet in the dash as well as the one in console weren't working. I busted out the manual and saw the spot for the cigarette lighter and we stopped at an Auto Parts store to buy a package of fuses. I thought it would be $4 and all would be fine. It wasn't. It was looking like either my charger was dead or the cigarette lighter was messed up. The chargers alone are like $50 so I was a little annoyed at myself for screwing it up.

Fast forward to today when I hit up Google to get some more help. I called Toyota because I am scheduled for an oil change soon (free for the life of the car!!) and they said it would be $150 to replace 1-2 cigarette lighters. Online they suggested removing part of the dash in order to get the whole cigarette lighter out and honestly, I was not that motivated and I'd rather just live without the lighter. I'd have to get more organized and charge my phone at home or work. But Google saved my butt. Apparently on my Camry there are two fuses that power the cigarette lighters and both fuses can blow. I went straight out to the garage, took out the fuse labeled "Power" and sure enough, the fuse was blown so I replaced it and IT WORKED!! I was so happy not to have to deal with a Toyota dealership's crazily inflated prices AND I was very happy that I fixed my own stupid mistake. I know its silly but that little thing really did make my day

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