Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics--My Happy Place

I know its crazy but there are actually people out there who do not like or care about the Olympics. Crazy, huh? I don't know what got me started on them but I have ALWAYS loved the Olympics.  Part of what got my attention as a kid was that my swim coach was Mitzi Kremer I thought it was so cool that my swim coach swam in the Olympics and won a bronze medal. She even brought it to the pool one day and let us all try it on. Back then I hoped I'd have one of my own someday but those days are over LOL

Its funny because as I sit on the couch watching them now with my family occasionally the commentators will mention a previous athlete, stat, record or show a photo of something and almost all the time I have known who or what they are talking about. For example, a few years ago I was watching Nastia Liukin perform and I recognized her father, Valeri Liukin who was also her coach. I KNEW I had seen him before but couldn't remember where, I told my husband I must have seen him coach someone else or something like that. So, of course I hit up Google and I could not believe who her father was, he competed in the 80's for Russia (or was it the Soviet Union then?)! He was amazing in those games, I remember him not only because I thought he was kinda cute but also because he was very, very good. He was the first man to do a triple flip in his floor routine. How insane is that? I can't even do two flips on a trampoline! Here are some clips of him back in the day. Guess there are some good genetics in that family!

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