Monday, August 6, 2012

3 of the Reasons Why I Love the Olympics

In my previous post I mentioned that the Olympics were like my happy place and they really are. When I was younger I remember waiting four years to see the next games and was THRILLED when they voted to hold the Winter and Summer games every two years instead of having both games played in the same year. Four years feels like a lifetime when you are a kid so every two years is much better.

1. Heartwarming, personal stories of the athletes:


Some day this may not be a big deal but for the 2012 games it is a huge deal. Its the first time an athlete was able to petition to compete in the Olympic games instead of the Paralympic games. Oscar Pistorious is a South African sprinter who competed in the semi-finals of the men's 400m race. He also happens to be a double amputee. He did not win his heat but his determination, effort and talent is amazing. Gives me chills to even think about the magnitude of what he has done. Its the first time a "disabled" athlete has competed in the "regular" Olympics and the winner of his heat, Kirani James from Grenada also saw what a special occasion this was, to race against Pistorious. After the race he asked Pistorious if he could switch racing bibs with him, which is often done as a sign of admiration or respect. When James was interviewed he said that he was inspired by Pistorious and that is why he asked him to switch racing bibs.

Pistorios Petitions Olympic Committee for right to run

2. Athletes putting their heart and soul into their sport:

You see their wins
And you see the loses

3. Athletes supporting other athletes:


Here are some shots of Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps watching their teammate Nathan Adrian compete in his race before the big Lochte/Phelps showdown. Look at their expressions as they see him coming in to the wall and once they realized their friend just won his first individual Olympic gold medal. I love the feeling of a team coming together supporting each other.

These two marathon runners are pretty well known here in the US. First they competed against each other, then they trained together. How cool is that?

"Goucher says she owes a lot of her fitness gains to Flanagan, who has pushed her to the limit in training. The two have become good friends over the past year.
They ran the first half of Sunday's race side by side. Then Flanagan pulled ahead. While Goucher knew she was no longer in contention, she still had high hopes for her friend. What she didn’t know was that the course had taken its toll on Flanagan too."

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  1. I cannot watch some times, i get so teary just seeing how good some of these people are and how the Olympics bring out the best in them



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