Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best Mile Time Ever!

Ok, well maybe not ever but I had my first really good mile time in at least a decade. With my knee pain I've been taking things slow on purpose and being a little older and out of shape, that slowed me down even more. Tonight I was feeling like crap and if I wasn't meeting other people to run I would have totally skipped running. I just wasn't feeling it.....at all. It was a steady tempo run, 5 minute warm up, then 10 minutes of steady running and then 5 minutes faster "tempo" run and we did this for 40 minutes. Still sorta hard to do if you are in one of those "I'm not feeling it" sorta modes like I was today.

On my iPhone, I have an app I use while running and it calls out each mile split and the first one said 10:37 I had to check my watch to make sure things were correct! Of course, this mile time is about double what I was running 15 years ago in high school but thats ok. I've decided I'm not going to hang onto any old PR (personal records) times from a decade and a half ago so I'm starting over now, in my mid-thirties. My new PR is going to be 10:37. My second mile split was a little over 11 minutes which was also faster than my previous PR from a few weeks ago. In the span of the 8 weeks doing this running program I've dropped about 2 minutes from my mile time! Its been a lot of work so I'm definitely going to be happy with that. 

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