Saturday, April 21, 2012

THE Permission Slip

Holy cow, I was just checking my daughter's folder that comes home every Friday and she got THE permission slip for THAT movie that almost everyone I know saw in school in 5th grade. Did your school or your children's school show the movie about your changing bodies and sex? Around here its one of those things that EVERYONE does in 5th grade and although it doesn't show anything too risque, when you are 11 and they talk about boobs, periods and body hair, the movie is a big, exciting rite of passage. When I saw the permission slip I sent my brother a text message to see if he could guess what movie I was talking about and he got it right away. I said, "so, your niece got a permission slip to see a movie, any guesses?" and he said "changing bodies, 5th grade, duh!"

My favorite part of that whole thing was the goody bags with samples and brochures. My mom didn't tell me a whole lot of stuff about any of that so I read and reread those things for years! Plus, duh, I love free stuff.

That movie was the first time I saw an actual penis and it was a total accident. The parents were invited to preview the movies at school to see if they felt comfortable with their children watching them with the rest of the group. I was in the library checking out a few books and noticed in the conference room behind the check out desk you could see the videos on the large screen on the wall. I didn't realize what was on the tv before I went to check out but when I looked up from signing my name on the cards I saw a shot of a penis, up close and in detail. Seriously, I was so surprised I'll never be able to get that visual out of my head. I was not expecting that at all, it still sorta makes me chuckle thinking about how big my eyes must have been when I saw that. I don't know what the school was thinking showing that stuff in the conference room with the blinds on the window open. Luckily, that was probably the last time they did that because right after I saw the screen a kid next to me yelled out, "look, its a wiener!" I bet next year they didn't make that mistake!

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