Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cross Training Days

So far on my cross training days (part of my 5K training) I've been doing a lot of bike riding and I think its really helped keep my leg muscles stretched out and maybe a little less sore. We live near a park that has a HUGE open area with probably 10 soccer fields so after riding about 5 miles through the neighborhood my husband and I have been riding our bikes on those fields. Talk about a workout tougher than you realize! It starts out with a little ditch, maybe about 5-8 feet down one side and then 5-8 feet up the other side and then it leads you straight into grass. Since we have mountain bikes we had the correct tires and bike set up to go through the grass and it was fun to actually use the bike off the road. In FL we don't have any mountains so you have to use small hills, grassy trails or terrain or find other off road areas. Its a good workout, especially since its such a contrast with the way you need to ride on the road.

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