Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back on the Saddle

I decided to join a 5K training group at my gym and the first night was tonight and I am SO glad I went. Its been a long time since I worked out with a group and it was nice to have others to suffer with me. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad but boy am I out of shape! I've been working out a few days a week doing mostly the arc trainer but I found out tonight that that doesn't really compare to actually running on the road. Its different and I know I'll feel just how different it is this time tomorrow! It takes so much more effort to pick your feet up and move them forward instead of just pushing with the momentum of the machine.

Before our training tonight we talked about running, our goals (finish a 5k without dying or giving up/not giving 100%) and our previous experience with running. Once that was over we did some stretches outside and began with a 5 minute jog to the local junior high to run some laps on their track. We did 2 minutes of fast running followed by 1 minute of walking cool down and repeated this 6 times. I did ok, I did the first 3 sets without walking except during the cool down and ran about 1:40 seconds of the last 3 sets. With my knee pain I didn't want to over do it and I knew from experience that I beat myself up more when I push too hard at the beginning and end up in pain so I'm trying to avoid that this time.

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