Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wasting Food

One bad habit I have that I've noticed more and more lately, is that I waste a ton of food. I know most of us probably do this in one way or another but I've been more aware of the ways that I do it and I'm starting to feel bad about it. Some are bad habits I need to break and the other times its because I'm not sure how to save things and keep them fresh

I'm not much for leftovers and if anything looks less than fresh I am much more likely to throw it away than to rescue it or give it a shot. Lettuce and meat seem to be the biggest things that fall in this category. I don't really know how I should store lettuce properly and if it looks at all wilty, slimy or looks too wet then it goes OUT. The idea of icy or wet lettuce grosses me out and I won't eat it at all. In restaurants the salads usually come out with cold or room temperature lettuce and the lettuce does not feel wet to the touch. I've tried storing it in containers, washed and cut, or uncut and unwashed, and either way ends up making it not so great. I like salads when I'm out to eat but at home I'm not fond of the way they've turned out.

Most other produce doesn't really creep me out, mostly just any sort of leafy green vegetables. Meat, that my friend is a different story. I'll eat beef, chicken, pork, turkey and some types of seafood but if I have to prepare it there is a good chance I won't eat that part of my dinner. It all started when I was pregnant with my daughter Julie, raw chicken and the grease from ground beef really set me off and its never been the same. Oh and, any animal that retains its natural "animal" shape, like any type of poultry or seafood (except shrimp) that is in its natural state--think chicken drumsticks or rotisserie chickens. I don't remember having problems with this before I had Julie, I remember helping with holiday turkeys or hams and would willingly help mush together by hand all the meatloaf ingredients. Now? Not so much. I use tongs and disposable food gloves for almost every meat and most of the time after I cook it, I end up skipping that part of dinner. I figure we are lucky we made it that far in the process. Most of the time I don't notice the expiration dates and end up pitching it into the trash---OR I'll toss it in the freezer if the date is coming up too soon.

Anyone else do that sort of stuff? Or am I alone on the freak bench again? I have been getting better about using what I buy but sometimes its difficult. I do know I need to invest more time into figuring out how to store things like lettuce so I don't have to keep throwing things away but sometimes it is hard to manage all that stuff properly when I'm out of the house for 40+ hours every week. I guess I need to structure more of that time during the weekend.

**Disclaimer** I live in FL so there are a lot of things I can't do for storage or that makes things a little more susceptible to going bad. No basement in which to hide certain root vegetables and the heat tends to accelerate the decaying process a bit

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  1. I kind of have similar food problems. The produce I buy goes bad and gets slimy sooo fast. In the trash it ends up going. What a total waste! I heard that for lettuce it stays fresh a long time if you put a damp paper towel in the bag with it, but it seems about the same for me. As for meat...if I have to cook it I have a hard time eating it, chicken especially. I can handle steak and ground beef, but I never end up eating the chicken. So strange!



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