Monday, March 19, 2012

Tebow--Getting Bucked by the Broncos

If you follow NFL news at all you'll know that Peyton Manning will be the new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow will be traded. In the last few weeks I'd heard that Denver had a meeting with Manning and the way Tebow found out about that meeting was the same way we did, by social media and the news.

Tebow is not my favorite person, (well, its mostly the Tebow fans that annoy me) but holy cow, can you imagine how much that would suck to find out basically that your boss is thinking of replacing you? I cannot imagine how thick my skin would have to be to deal with all the trading of players back and forth, left and right in professional sports. I once found out in an "all-hands" meeting that I had a new boss and my entire former department was fired via the new org chart but it would be hard to deal with getting replaced by a new player.

A few Florida teams are considering Tebow which would be good for ticket sales since he's from the area so he should do ok. I'm definitely crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for Manning. There is no way I'd play a contact sport with that type of injury but to each his own I guess! I'm thinking that with Manning and Elway in the same organization that Denver is going to have a good year. Of course I'd always prefer my Patriots to win anything and everything but I wouldn't count Denver out with this new direction they'll be heading.

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