Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More REAL Bodies

I love this stuff, seeing real pictures of real bodies and comparing them to my own. Admittedly, I do a lousy job guessing how much other people weigh and in looking at my own body, I have no idea how I compare to other women my same age/height/weight. On an online forum I've belonged to for a long time the two links below were posted and I thought I'd share them with you. I find it very helpful to see a similar sized woman and realize that she does not look bad or fat. We all have little bulges here and there and some of the women have chunky thighs or muffin tops and they don't look fat to me.

I know when I am seeing those bulges and my own muffin top in the reflection in the mirror I am starting to realize I'm much harder on myself than I should be. I'm doing much better about this lately, I'm taking time to do some sort of exercising every day and working better on eating right.

Ok, here are the links.

Excellent chart showing multiple pictures from real readers. You can really see a wide range of bodies and their problem areas.
Real Body Examples

Here is another one that I liked.

More Real Bodies 

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