Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bachelor

I haven't watched any episodes of The Bachelor this season but when I saw a clip of the finale and saw that they were in Switzerland I decided to tape it just to see the scenery. I watched it earlier tonight and I can't imagine putting myself out there like these people do. Thats just crazy to "date" someone who is also "dating" so many other people. Not for me! But, a couple of observations from the finale show.

    • Zermatt, Switzerland is beautiful. Its the exact town I went to when I visited there 12 years ago. It was so cool seeing the river that ran through the town, I'd forgotten how fast the water moved. I also finally got a good view of the Matterhorn. It was very cloudy/snowy when I was there so the most I saw was the tiniest bit of the top of the mountain one day. Well, we did take a gondola to the top but I never got to see a view like this. Isn't that beautiful?
    • Although I'm not a huge Tim Tebow fan, I'd be curious to see what kind of women they'd pair him up with if he were The Bachelor. Seems like most of these couples sleep together at their earliest opportunity but we all know Tebow wouldn't be hooking up with girls just to "get to know them". But, then you wonder too how a show like that would do in the ratings? Or do they pre-screen all the contestants to make sure they are Christians? Do they throw a skank or two in the mix just to see if they can corrupt Tebow to get good ratings?

    • The "winner" of the show Courteney looks A LOT like Jessica Simpson in some shots. Do you see the similarities? 

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    1. I kind of see the similarities. I can't stand Courtney.



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