Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girl Can Belt it Out

I LOVE the Whitney Houston version of this song and I think that I like Glee's Amber Riley's version of "I Will Always Love You" as a very close second. Hard to compete with your first experience LOL Actually, I know Dolly Parton wrote the song and has her own version, I just like to think of Whitney and now Amber's DIVA sorta attitude which gives the song a whole new sound. Dolly sings it sweet but Whitney and Amber belt it out for all to hear. Like the death of Michael Jackson, Whitney's death just seems sad because it was preventable if she had not given drugs so much control over her life the last 20 years. RIP Whitney and way to sing it Amber!


  1. She sounded soooo good. Very sad about Whitney. :(

  2. You are absolutely right about Amber singing that song out of the park - her talent doesn't get near the recognition she deserves. I remember seeing Whitney in concert (in her heyday) and the lady could definitely sing. It saddens me that she is gone; I was really rooting for her to make that magical comeback - just like I hoped Michael Jackson would make a comeback. But unfortunately "diva" and money did them both in and I guess the pressure to always perform opened the door to drugs. So so sad!



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