Sunday, January 1, 2012

Swagbucks 101

Things I do daily:
  1. Go to "daily poll" under the Earn tab. Vote, collect 1 Swagbucks
  2. Go to "special offers" also under the Earn tab. Click start, then click next or skip until you get to the end. Collect swagbucks
  3. Go to "search" under the Earn tab and search. You don't really need to look for something online to get the points but if you know you go to every morning then type in "woot" and try to get points for doing so.You can usually get points 2-3 times a day for doing searches. Check on Facebook to find out what things people are getting points for searching--it may help.
  4. Watch out for Swag Codes. They can be in emails, posted on Facebook or Twitter or hidden in the blog or on the widget. They are all case sensitive and sometimes they are a word or a name or other times they will be sorta wacky, like TwIt77er19aIne23 and they are only valid for a certain amount of time. If you find them somewhere it will also list the time that they will expire.
Things I do when I remember sometimes:
  1. Watch Swagbucks t.v. You need to "watch" 10 videos to get 3 Swagbucks and you can do this multiple times per day. Find short ones, usually around a minute or less in length and refresh the page after you see the percentage move up 10% more. 
  2. Click on "ad rewards" on the home page and watch the short videos. You actually have to watch these because a number or two will show up on the edge of the video and you'll need to type it in at the end of the video to get your points.
  3. Do surveys. You can get a bunch of introductory points by setting up your survey profiles and giving them some info about yourself that will determine which surveys you'll see later. I will give you a warning, there are a lot of complaints from people (myself included) who spend 15 minutes "qualifying" for a survey, only to be told that you don't qualify. You know, after you give them 15 minutes worth of answers! 
  4. Do tasks. These are sometimes time consuming but usually very easy. Good way to earn points if you are close to cashing out
  5. Download the task bar and "like" Swagbucks on Facebook

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