Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Love Swagbucks!!

Are you familiar with Swagbucks? If not, you definitely need to listen up! Swagbucks is a site where you can do various things to earn "swagbucks" and those can later be cashed in for lots of things like gift cards, electronics, items for your home/pets/car/kids and so many other things. My personal favorites are the $5 gift cards, which NEVER expire.

I joined Swagbucks last year, during the first week of January, so about a year now. I'd seen people on 2Peas and another online forum that I read and I thought it was kinda silly and a huge waste of time. Then I realized that I had done quite a bit of shopping at Amazon for Christmas and Dec/Jan birthdays and if I had been a member of Swagbucks I would have been able to possibly have some of those items for free. I signed up under someone who posted their referral link and I got I think 30 Swagbucks just for signing up. The person whose referral link I used ALSO got Swagbucks just because I joined. Also, for the first 1000 Swagbucks I received via searching online, that person earned what I earned. And seriously, who does not like free money? When Swagbucks came out with a new policy allowing a spouse to sign up as your referral I made my husband sign up that very day. Now, every morning when he looks at stuff online and gets Swagbucks, I get that same amount.

Signing up for Swagbucks is easy, so easy that you can click right HERE and you can join and start earning. Its not going to earn you enough to quit your job and stay home all day but it will help you get some extra spending money and that is ALWAYS nice. Here are some of the things I've purchased from Amazon this year using at least part of my gift cards from Swagbucks--and I still have $50 in gift cards sitting in my account! I think I paid about $50 less on the camera since it was purchased on black friday but still, having little bits in your account can really help. Sign up today and look around, tomorrow I'll tell you the main things I do each day and it will help start earning points!

Swagbucks--Sign Up!

**Disclaimer, the links I listed to Swagbucks above are my referral links. If you'd like to sign up without a referral link you are able to go to to sign up, a referral isn't necessary to start earning. The Amazon links are also through my referral links but it isn't necessary to purchase any of the items :)


  1. I joined awhile ago, but I can't seem to get many points. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

  2. I try to do at least one search per day plus doing the poll and the NOSO special offers. Get in a good routine and you'll slowly earn your points!



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