Monday, January 16, 2012

Got a Shiny New Computer

I don't know about you but purchasing things like computers really stress me out. There are just too many options out there and I always feel like I'm second guessing my choices. Luckily last time I got a laptop from my mom and step dad as a "Christmas in July" gift about 6 years ago because my brother and I both had laptops that completely died around the same time and they were generous with an early Christmas gift. My step dad is VERY good at finding good deals on electronics so I'm sure he got a good deal. He even picked out the new computer I'm using now which was a huge relief to not really have to make a decision.

This is the computer I purchased Asus Laptop and so far I'm pretty pleased. I actually saw this computer at Best Buy over the Christmas break and decided against it because I know absolutely nothing about Asus brand computers. My step dad found out I was in the market for a new computer and offered to send me a few options. This one wasn't too bad and was in my price range, which was between $300-500 so I decided to go with it. Reading the description I see that it lists it as brown in color but with the matte finish it doesn't look brown at all. Very dark looking but I've shown it to a few people in different lighting and nobody guessed it was brown. It has Windows 7 which is new to me but I kinda like it and it has an Intel processor and a much bigger hard drive than my old one. The old one only had maybe 100g of memory and this one has 500g and the new one doesn't have a messed up display/video card problem so thats a major bonus LOL

I just looked at the specs for the computer and saw it has built in facial recognition software, sounds interesting!

One of my favorite blogs, Veronika's Blushing did a post about using Windows Live Gallery and her photo explanations made it look like the program was pretty cool so I was happy to check on my computer and saw that I also have that. I haven't messed with half the stuff on here but I know I'll definitely use the stuff realting to photos. I have my degree in photography and love photo stuff but I need to look for my disk with Photoshop so I can load it onto this machine. Photoshop and all my digital E-books and iTunes are things I need to move over to this machine but for now I'm doing ok. Gotta make sure to save all my bookmarks too, I wouldn't want to lose some of them!

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  1. Hi Alex! I gave you an award! Head on over to my blog to see it! Congrats on your new computer. It's such a stressful decision!



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