Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 Hour Sickness

I don't get sick often, like hardly at all but every once in awhile I get what I like to call the "8 Hour Sickness". What that is is simple, I feel like crap for 8 hours and run through all the ways that this "sickness" is very inconvenient.

·         I hate to waste a sick day in January, especially on a Friday

·         If I take a sick day on Friday then I won't get to wear my outfit with jeans to work ( our casual day where we can unofficially wear jeans) and that outfit is my favorite one of the week.

·         I'll have to work from home if I'm sick tomorrow because the person who is my backup is traveling and can't help.

·         If I'm sick then it will ruin my weekend of being ALONE in my house with my husband out of town and my daughter with her dad.

·         If I am sick then I'll waste the weekend being sick and will feel better Monday, just in time to go to work

Silly stuff, huh? I do that every time. The pollen in Florida is BAD right now and I know its probably just my allergies playing tricks on me. I'll be "sick" enough for these 8 hours where I'll up my water intake and will take a few cough drops for my coughing and tomorrow I'll wake up healthy as ever. I wonder each time this happens, is it that I talk myself out of being sick? Or is it that I just get a tiny bit sick and am over it by the next morning? Either way, I'm glad that I'm recognizing the pattern more. That helps cut down on some of the crap I worry about because I know if my throat is sore, I feel stuffy and I cough a lot then there is a good chance it's one of these mental psych-outs!

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