Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

Well, some of my goals for 2011 sorta fizzled out and some have straggled on.

2011 Goals
  • Reading: I fell a little short of my reading goal which was around 25 but I hit 23. So not a total fail on my goal but I really was hoping to hit higher than my goal. Less internet or tv time in 2012 will help me have a larger list for next year
  • Exercise: I was going to say that the first 75% of the year was a big fail for exercising but I did start the Couch to 5K program earlier. So C25K stopped in September when I hurt my knee and shattered my iPhone all in the same week. I did return to the gym in November and have been doing really well with that but for 2012 I'd like to do both running and working out at the gym.
  • Eating Healthy: Ok, I was kicking butt on this one until November. I went about 5-6 months with NO soda and less sugar and then I fell off the wagon. I won't call this one a total fail because I did see that this is something I CAN do, but the execution of this one was a fail.
So, those were the main goals for 2011 and there were some things I semi-accoplished and others that I did not. I'm ok with that because my main thing I tried to focus on was to not be so rigid that I felt I had to have an OCD attitude towards all the goals. I like to think of them more as benchmarks and the goal is to work TOWARDS that goal, not necessarily an exact line which I had to meet or otherwise it should be considered a failure.

For 2012, I will also focus on these goals as benchmarks and I won't let myself get a negative attitude or beat myself up if I don't hit it exactly. Thats an easy way to break your "resolution" by the 3rd day of January! I'm not aiming for perfection because I know thats not realistic

2012 Goals

  1. Stop eating candy and drinking soda. Also, severely cut back on crap food purchased or eaten out. Good bye McDonald's !!
  2. Exercise more. Going to the gym or running in my neighborhood 4 days a week SHOULD be doable.
  3. Run in 3 5ks in 2012 with the ultimate goal being to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon in October with some friends. The goal will just be signing up and completing the race. 
 Self Improvement
  1. Lose 10-15 lbs and GIVE AWAY the "fat" clothes I'm currently wearing and break out the box of "skinnier" clothes in the back of the closet!
  2. Volunteer with Hospice. I've always wanted to do this and now that the third anniversary of my aunt's death has come and gone I know I need to sign up. She passed away from Ovarian cancer in a Hospice hospital and after reading more about that group I have a new appreciation for the volunteers and workers. They NEVER leave a person alone who is actively dying, thats gotta be a hard thing to do but SO comforting to know that they do. 
  3. Read 35 or more books. Cutting out computer time should definitely help with that goal. I love to read so it shouldn't be a problem, just gotta make it more of a priority than goofing off online.
  4. Stick with the Dave Ramsey plan and work to save more of what we bring home each month. "Cash is king and debt is dumb" is a good motto to follow!
  5. Work more with Julie to help her learn to be more independent. I'm predicting 11 will be a good year for her! Doing her laundry and baking/cooking are easy things we'll work on first. Oh and of course, spending more quality time with her. You know, before she starts rolling her eyes at me and while she still calls me mommy (I'm pretty sure a small part of me will die when she starts calling me mom instead of mommy--sniff, sniff!)
  6. Work on my relationship with my husband. Having 18 days off of work and away from that stress has been very telling and I know I'm a better wife and human being when I'm not dealing with work. I gotta get where I treat him better even when I'm bogged down with life.


  1. Love your goals for 2012. I need to do mine later - I already have them in my head, but not written them down yet.

    Hope you achieve them all and 2012 is a good one for you.


  2. I, too, love your goals for 2012. Number 6 is key. I was being a mean witch to my husband while I was stressed at work. Being off for the last few months has really shown me that the work stress makes a big difference in how I treat people close to me. :( Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!



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