Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brady Gives it Back

There is no sport team that I love more than the New England Patriots and after tonight's game I love them even more. They made some mistakes against the Washington Redskins but in the end they came out on the top. One thing I love about the Patriots is the attitude of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I am fiercely loyal and competitive and when I see those same traits in a team/coach/player that I love, it just sets it in stone that this is the team for me.

Brady threw a couple of interceptions (which thank God, is not the norm) and got into it on the sidelines with one of the coaches. This is nothing new in the game of football but his response after the game is classic Brady and classic Belichick-era Patriot. There was no blame placed on anyone other than himself, he admits what he did wrong and doesn't dwell on today, always looking to the next game. Saying "I deserved it" is a very mature thing to say and I admire that he admits that to the reporter. He's paid to play the game and he made a mistake and that is not what he is there to do and they called him on it, and rightfully so. I know some don't like Brady but its nice to see a player so in his element and so in tune with the coach and the other players. Its beautiful.

Brady Gives it Back

Brady's Response After the Game

How many of us do that when we have a situation where we acted in the heat of the moment? I'm pretty sure most of us react the exact opposite way in that type of situation. There isn't anything really wrong with that, but it does set Brady/Belichick apart. Watch any interview with Belichick and you will see a similar response and rarely will he even crack a smile. I love that about these men. Fierce, fierce competitors and know that the game is bigger than just them, they are loyal to the TEAM first and I really respect that in them. Like one of the announcers said tonight, "Brady would chew off a leg to win a game". A game in which a player and coach are that competitive is one I want to watch. And come on, who wouldn't want to watch this man do anything play?

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