Monday, December 19, 2011

2 Reasons I Have a New Favorite SNL Skit

I love this video is because I hate Tim Tebow and I LOVE the Patriots. Add in the fact that I love watching SNL and you can see why this video has moved towards the top in my list of favorite SNL skits.

I won't lie, I hate Tim Tebow. A more accurate statement would be that I hate anything related to the University of Florida Gators. First, I went to Florida State and secondly, my ex husband is a DIE HARD Gator fan. That alone should give you an idea of why I have a hatred towards that school. My daughter loves them since her daddy loves them but she knows that they are not my favorite so I'm hoping she'll opt for a different college when it gets to be that time. See? I'm not a Tiger Mom, I have very simple college goals for my daughter ;)

I'm semi-superstitious so I won't go on and on talking trash about the Broncos or the fact that the Patriots are the AFC East champs. I will just say that I am very happy that this loss for the Broncos and Jesus Tebow will shut up the Gator fans at work for a little bit. He's a great athlete but not really a stellar quarterback and just because he's won a few games doesn't mean he is Jesus Jr.

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