Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Google Reader Sucks

Anyone else out there think the new Google Reader sucks? I do. Its nice and bright and all that but OMG it hurts my eyes. I miss the line dividing the list of my blogs from the feed and the way that the text wasn't on all white. We've also lost the option to click on the bottom of any post to share it, now we are stuck with sharing Google+. Yeah, yeah I can but I don't want to do it that way. I liked it the old way and would occasionally email blog posts to myself to read later or sometimes send them to friends or family. I don't use Google+ and I don't want to because its not private. I don't want to share everything that I like, dislike or want to share with everyone. I have people that know my Gmail, some people from whom I do not advertise that email address and some don't even know I went back to having a blog. I don't want all those people mixing it up just yet ;)

Here is a link I found to share things semi-privately: Share privately with new Google Reader

Just a minor vent but BOO--it sucks! I am not usually so against new changes to sites or technology but I am NOT a fan of this one                                                 

And for the record I'm not a fan of the new Blogger interface or my new Gmail interface either but with both Blogger and Gmail I have the option to use the old interface (which I do) and I do not see that option with Reader. If its available please point me in that direction! If its not then I will survive, but not with Reader. The stark white background and no dividing lines hurts my eyes and I'd rather stop using it altogether than deal with it. I did see that Feedly is another option and syncs directly with Google Reader so I'm giving that a try.

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