Thursday, October 27, 2011

Regrets Are Okay

I know sometimes it feels like life sucks but really, life has been ok to me. My childhood experience at home was not good by any stretch of the imagination and my first marriage was a big mistake but I do see how both have helped shaped who I am today. It's a shitty way to learn a lesson but in the end I think my daughter or others will at least learn what not to do.

The only real regrets I have are about my education and I think it's why the work stuff bothers me so much. An AA in general studies and an AS in photography aren't really on the top of the list of degrees for which employers are looking. Because of that sometimes I feel trapped here. Where else could I go in this economy? Do I even want to go anywhere? I think I'm just kinda done dealing with people in general which won't really help any of my frustrations.

I always see online "things you'd tell yourself at 17" and I don't know if the 17 yr old version of me would even believe how my life has turned out these last 16 years.

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