Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Our power went out tonight and I learned that our candle and flashlight supplies are not adequate. We had no power for about 3 hours and our house now smells like a brothel because the only candles we have are scented candles. I know that we made it through hurricane season already (I think? I don't know when its over but it feels like it is) but I need to plan now so that I have enough stuff for situations like this. I was able to check the score of the Patriots game on my phone since the power shut off right when they hit the 2 minute mark so thats a positive thing ;) Seriously though, its a good wake up call to be more prepared. I would have been SOL if this had been a long term power outage.

And now, in honor of the Patriots winning against the Jets 30-21 you can look at the beautiful Tom Brady:

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