Wednesday, October 5, 2011

David Beckham Undercover on Ellen

I don’t normally watch the Ellen show because I’m at work but when I have caught the show or have seen clips online, they are always really funny and entertaining. I saw a link for this video on another site that I had to share. Ellen does these segments where celebrities go out to interact with other people with an ear piece in their ear with Ellen giving them directions about what to say or how to act. They are either undercover like David Beckham or another one I saw with Ann Curry (from the Today Show) where she was interviewing some people and Ellen was guiding her.

The segment with David Beckham was pretty funny because he was working in a Target store promoting the new David Beckham cologne. He was dressed in a normal Target uniform, the red polo with khaki pants and didn’t even try to hide his accent. I would have preferred to see David Beckham shirtless in Target but with all those tattoos he would totally give it away that it was him. He's still nice to look at, even if they make him wear clothes. Click below to check it out. I love that these celebrities are willing to do this sort of stuff.

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