Monday, October 10, 2011

Conrad Murray's Murder Trial

Part of me feels bad for Dr. Conrad Murray right now, I really don't think that the death of Michael Jackson was murder. I would bet good money that Dr. Murray is not the only doctor in Hollywood supplying unnecessary drugs to celebrities. We've all seen the drunken celebrities or heard them later retell stories of the different vices to which they have been addicted. Those drugs are not supplied by going to your local drugstore with a prescription from your PCP or "minute clinic", SOMEONE is supplying the drugs probably in a manner very close to what happened with Michael Jackson. Some of it may be legit but I'd wager that a large percentage is unnecessary and that the person supplying the drugs was compensated for helping them get the fix they need. Michael Jackson isn't the only celebrity and Dr. Murray wasn't the only doctor, its everywhere and there are always people to be bought. I think that Dr. Murray just did what he was paid to do, provide private medical care to a patient and that in this case the outcome was not good. I think that when you are in a situation like Dr. Murray was in its hard to see that fine line between doing what your "employer" wants and standing up to them because it might not be safe to do what your employer is asking of you. Michael Jackson had A LOT of money, and money can buy pretty much anything you want. In this case, Michael Jackson got the medicine which was what he wanted and I think that most people on either side of this equation know that what Jackson was doing meant that there was a risk to be taken. The only difference this time is that it was just a little bit too much for him to take. It wasn't murder and Dr. Murray is only doing what he was asked to do.

Severe mistake could doom Murray's defense

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