Monday, October 31, 2011

Steve Jobs Eulogy from His Sister

I plan on reading the new book on Steve Jobs but wanted to post a link to a eulogy from his sister that was recently printed in the New York Times. Steve is one of those guys who was super smart, extremely driven and so much of a genius that he's just in his own category and sometimes its a little hard to think of him as just a regular dude out there who was walking around with the rest of us. This eulogy from his sister Mona Simpson, shows a little bit of the personal side of Steve and I thought I'd pass it on in case you may have forgotten the personal side of this man. I know he sometimes hasn't been seen in the best light because of certain things he did in both his personal and professional life but I think its a good reminder that even with all the money and power he had, he was still a regular guy who came into and out of the world just like the rest of us.

What Mona Simpson had to say about her brother Steve Jobs

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Regrets Are Okay

I know sometimes it feels like life sucks but really, life has been ok to me. My childhood experience at home was not good by any stretch of the imagination and my first marriage was a big mistake but I do see how both have helped shaped who I am today. It's a shitty way to learn a lesson but in the end I think my daughter or others will at least learn what not to do.

The only real regrets I have are about my education and I think it's why the work stuff bothers me so much. An AA in general studies and an AS in photography aren't really on the top of the list of degrees for which employers are looking. Because of that sometimes I feel trapped here. Where else could I go in this economy? Do I even want to go anywhere? I think I'm just kinda done dealing with people in general which won't really help any of my frustrations.

I always see online "things you'd tell yourself at 17" and I don't know if the 17 yr old version of me would even believe how my life has turned out these last 16 years.


I'm having a hard time enjoying my day job lately and it's really kind of a bummer. I've been at my job now 6.5 years and have been through quite a few different bosses, departments and business units but through it all there were little things that kept me going, now those are gone. It's not horrible but it makes the days longer and makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning.
I've got to figure something out, this is getting old.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update on the Toddler in China

Just saw an update online that the baby in China that was run over has passed away. Her death is so senseless.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ellen Does It Again

I love Ellen, she does so many fun things like this that I think she would be fun to have as a friend. From making celebrities do stupid things to playing pranks on people, she does exactly what I’d do if I had my own show. When I was a kid the job I wanted most was to be a writer or producer for a show like Candid Camera. Sadly that went off the air many years ago but my inner butthead would love doing that kind of work for a career. That’s not in the cards for me right now so I will live vicariously through Ellen and enjoy every segment she does with this sort of gag.

Toddler Run Over and Nobody Helped

I saw this video online last night while surfing around looking at stupid stuff and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In the video you will see a young girl from China, about 2 years old, who is first hit by a truck and run over and then is run over by other vehicles and NOBODY stopped to help her for over 10 minutes! Apparently China has a different “Good Samaritan” law than we do here in the United States and it is reported that that was the reason why nobody helped this little girl. I find it somewhat interesting that a country has a law that causes its citizens to shy away from helping someone in need; I definitely need to check that out some more. In the end, it was a homeless woman that helps the baby but what does it say about the people and laws of China if this sort of thing happens so blatantly?

I know some might see the video and wonder why the mom didn’t notice her toddler missing for 10 minutes but I can’t judge her for this because I do not know the particular circumstances very well. Yes, I do wonder a little bit but that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that nobody helped the little girl. As a mother myself, I do know that kids are much smarter than we usually give them credit and there is a good chance the baby might have gotten outside on its own, I don’t know.  I can’t judge though, she has a lot on her plate and I think the bigger issue is why nobody stopped to help.

When the truck initially hit the little girl it looks like the driver might have seen her at the last second, as she was hit by the front, right bumper. What gets me though is that he hesitates and in my opinion he could have hesitated for one of three reasons; he saw her at the last second, he felt the impact or that he felt that side of the truck roll over something. Yet, he did not stop and check. He continued on and rolled over her again! After the impact and running over her the first time when he hesitated he may have asked himself what happened, what do you think he was thinking when he ran over something a second time? I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but I won’t. I think he knew.

I won’t go over each and every person who drove over the girl, drove around the girl or the people that walked by her when she was laying there injured on the ground, there is no need to do that. When I saw the woman finally come over to her and she tried to sit her up I almost cried as I saw the poor child’s body flop forward, lifeless. You could tell she was severely injured, which makes the inaction of the people who denied her help even more unforgivable. This was a baby and at the very least someone should have moved her out of harms way. When the mom finally gets to her I can’t even imagine thinking or feeling what she went through, I can’t and don’t want to go there.

I watched a few other videos as follow ups and it looks like the girl is in a medically induced coma and I don’t think they are expecting her to live. I will read up more on Good Samaritan laws in China but from where I sit it seems criminal to me that they would let this girl be so injured.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real Housewives of Beveryl Hills--Kim and Kyle Mean Girls,,20537862,00.html

Hell Yes, they are mean girls. Honestly, their behavior at the game night was totally uncool. I'm a hot or cold sorta person and they both moved into the "cold" category. I am done with them. What a waste of air.

The Awkward Moment...

The awkward moment when you see a picture of yourself at a party:


and you realize that your friend's arm fat makes you look naked! I got this tonight in a forward and my husband and I have been chuckling ever since. I don't know which would be worse to be the friend with the arm or the friend behind the arm. Either way this photo is a keeper!

Here is a horizontal shot. So serene

I wish the sky looked like this every night

Monday, October 17, 2011


My brother told me something the other day about someone he knew through work but even though I did not know the person, its sad knowing that someone is going to have the worst day of their life. Seeing stuff  like that on the news whether its a car accident, house fire, soldiers killed, children abused, etc. always makes me think about me and my own life.

I don't usually feel all mopey but after talking to my brother, then seeing that IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon died and was the same age I am and seeing a two-motorcycle accident today kinda got me thinking. I guess all you can do is focus on the good things in my life and hug my kid a little more. Hopefully the rest of this week will be less eventful and more upbeat

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Did You Lose Your Contacts on New iPhone 4S????

I was finally able to get my contacts on my phone this afternoon after struggling with it for more time than I'd like to admit. Hopefully this will help if you lost your contacts on the iPhone 4S

I had a iPhone 3GS that I'm giving to my daughter to use as an iPod which I backed up Thursday knowing I'd get the iPhone 4S in the mail the next day. At that time I also updated my iTunes and updated to iOS5. So going into the 4S I thought I had done the "right" things but I'm not sure if it was my mistake or if its a problem with the technology.

Thursday--Updated 3GS to iOS5, iTunes and backed up the 3gs.

Friday--Got the 4S, system was busy so I went to the ATT store and had them activate it. When I got home I hooked up the 4S and got the message to register as a new iPhone then got the message to restore from backup. It went through the whole thing and then gave me a message that it couldn't complete it because that backup was not compatible with the iPhone 4S. I checked and nothing was on the new phone, just my name and my phone number. Hooked up the 3GS because I thought that the backup maybe didn't finalize so I was going to back it up again since everything I needed was still on that phone. That was a mistake, I accidentally reformatted that and now I had NO information on either phone.

Saturday--Searched online and tried numerous things to no avail. I also created an account for the Cloud so I could store contact info that way. I had all my contacts in Outlook (it syncs to Outlook but I've never used it) so I thought I could maybe get them on the Cloud somehow or re-sync the 3GS to get them on there and then back it up again. After that I did LOTS of other things and got to the point where nothing was on the Cloud and my 3GS was able to accept the sync with Outlook. I read something in the forums about messing around with the Cloud and that was finally what worked. In the 3GS, I went to settings and on the Cloud section I turned off the Cloud for mail, contacts, calendars and notes because those were most important to me). Nothing showed up on the 3GS or on the Cloud and I left the settings with those 4 categories set for "no". The 4S was hooked up to the computer and I did the same thing in the settings menu and nothing showed up on either phone or the Cloud. I did it one more time with the 3GS and my contacts were restored! I also left those settings as "no" for the 4S so when I got the info back on the 3GS I immediately changed the settings on the 4S to "yes" and ALL my contacts were there. My voicemail gretting, saved voicemails as well as the call history were all there!

Not sure if that will work for your situation but hopefully it will help

I Iove the camera on my new iPhone

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne

Saw this link on tonight that Jack Osbourne and his fiance are expecting their first child. Ozzy and Sharon find out on the Piers Morgan show and I can't even begin to imagine how awesome it would be to have those two as grandparents. Think of all the traditional grandparent things out there and then picture Ozzy and Sharon in those roles. Grandparents' day at school, making cookies with grandma, having your grandpa teach you how to build something or maybe go fishing together, the possibilities are endless. I know Ozzy is kinda kooky but after watching their reality show awhile back that family has really grown on me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mountain Bike Crash.....with an antelope!

That is one amazing hit and its so incredibly awesome that it was captured on video. That is exactly the type of thing that would happen to someone and they'd be crushed that nobody saw what happened. I keep watching it over and over and it cracks me up every time. Who knew that an antelope in South Africa could jump directly into a person riding a bike? You know, its kind of in the middle of nowhere.

This reminds me of something from Pinterest I saw recently. This video will crack me up sometime later this week for sure. It will probably be in the middle of a meeting or something like that.

Me to the T

Conrad Murray's Murder Trial

Part of me feels bad for Dr. Conrad Murray right now, I really don't think that the death of Michael Jackson was murder. I would bet good money that Dr. Murray is not the only doctor in Hollywood supplying unnecessary drugs to celebrities. We've all seen the drunken celebrities or heard them later retell stories of the different vices to which they have been addicted. Those drugs are not supplied by going to your local drugstore with a prescription from your PCP or "minute clinic", SOMEONE is supplying the drugs probably in a manner very close to what happened with Michael Jackson. Some of it may be legit but I'd wager that a large percentage is unnecessary and that the person supplying the drugs was compensated for helping them get the fix they need. Michael Jackson isn't the only celebrity and Dr. Murray wasn't the only doctor, its everywhere and there are always people to be bought. I think that Dr. Murray just did what he was paid to do, provide private medical care to a patient and that in this case the outcome was not good. I think that when you are in a situation like Dr. Murray was in its hard to see that fine line between doing what your "employer" wants and standing up to them because it might not be safe to do what your employer is asking of you. Michael Jackson had A LOT of money, and money can buy pretty much anything you want. In this case, Michael Jackson got the medicine which was what he wanted and I think that most people on either side of this equation know that what Jackson was doing meant that there was a risk to be taken. The only difference this time is that it was just a little bit too much for him to take. It wasn't murder and Dr. Murray is only doing what he was asked to do.

Severe mistake could doom Murray's defense

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Our power went out tonight and I learned that our candle and flashlight supplies are not adequate. We had no power for about 3 hours and our house now smells like a brothel because the only candles we have are scented candles. I know that we made it through hurricane season already (I think? I don't know when its over but it feels like it is) but I need to plan now so that I have enough stuff for situations like this. I was able to check the score of the Patriots game on my phone since the power shut off right when they hit the 2 minute mark so thats a positive thing ;) Seriously though, its a good wake up call to be more prepared. I would have been SOL if this had been a long term power outage.

And now, in honor of the Patriots winning against the Jets 30-21 you can look at the beautiful Tom Brady:

Pre-ordering the new iPhone 4S

I am SO excited about getting my new phone later this week. I have a 3GS now but it is a little banged up. I dropped it the day after my birthday last month and still need to fix the glass so I can give it to my daughter to use as an iPod.

I decided this time to pre order the iPhone 4S even though I actually have the launch day, October 14th, off of work. I debated whether or not to go and wait at the Apple Store for the heck of it but in the end I decided not to do that because I'd have to take my kid with me and she'd probably be bored. Her complaining probably would have negated all the "OMG this is so exciting to wait with all these people" sorta vibes so this time pre ordering it was the way I was gonna go.

The next thing to debate about with myself was from which website I should pre order. I'd heard negative things about both Apple and AT&T about when you'd actually get the phone most said day before launch or if it meant that it mailed it on launch day.I set my alarm for 2:55 am so I'd be awake to order online at 3:01 our time, 12:01 Pacific. I'd settled for going through Apple because although I'm content with my AT&T service, their billing and online stuff is a pain in the ass. I went to Apple and tried to order for about 10 minutes and it just kept timing out. Ok, so on to 1800-MyApple and I got the "sorry we cannot take your request at this time" BS message. Final try was to AT& and their website timed out too. Finally I said screw it and went back to bed. When I woke up at 5:30 to get ready for work I went to to try again and Hallelujah! it worked without a hitch. Right now the website says "Delivering October 14th) so if thats the case it will be awesome! I'm just hoping to avoid them mailing it on the 14th because I won't get it for awhile. I'll keep you posted!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad News

I found out today that my uncle's girlfriend passed away rather suddenly after going to the ER with some chest pains. Apparently she coded and they tried to bring her back but it was too late. I never met this woman because we live so far away but I know that my uncle and his two children are having a hard time with her passing.

In December of 2008, my aunt Cindy passed away after a 2-3 year battle with Ovarian cancer and my two cousins really just started getting back to normal. John's relationship with an old high school girlfriend started about a year ago and she really filled a void in their life, life's hard without a mom when you are a teen or preteen, you know? I know my cousin Emmy who is only 12 will really miss having another female around again instead of it just being her, their dad and her brother (age 17). I just hope they can catch a break sometime. Its not fair

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pin Picks from Pinterest

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In honor of the passing of Steve Jobs, a little of humor in today's first Pin Pick:

David Beckham Undercover on Ellen

I don’t normally watch the Ellen show because I’m at work but when I have caught the show or have seen clips online, they are always really funny and entertaining. I saw a link for this video on another site that I had to share. Ellen does these segments where celebrities go out to interact with other people with an ear piece in their ear with Ellen giving them directions about what to say or how to act. They are either undercover like David Beckham or another one I saw with Ann Curry (from the Today Show) where she was interviewing some people and Ellen was guiding her.

The segment with David Beckham was pretty funny because he was working in a Target store promoting the new David Beckham cologne. He was dressed in a normal Target uniform, the red polo with khaki pants and didn’t even try to hide his accent. I would have preferred to see David Beckham shirtless in Target but with all those tattoos he would totally give it away that it was him. He's still nice to look at, even if they make him wear clothes. Click below to check it out. I love that these celebrities are willing to do this sort of stuff.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pin Picks

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, its a visual, digital bulletin board and you are able to organize photos and links on different "boards". Remember when you were a kid and you ripped out pictures of Kirk Cameron and New Kids on the Block and put them on your bulletin board along with concert ticket stubs and maybe a funny comic or two? Well, its the same wit Pinterest and although it can suck a huge amount of time out of your schedule you can find some really cool things on there. I like that I can see what other people are "pinning" and have found some interesting things through those sort of searches.

Follow me on Pinterest to see what I've been pinning here is my link:

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My Pin Picks for today:

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Santorini, Greece

These would be beyond dangerous to keep in the house

Link for recipe of above Salted Caramel Shortbread bars

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Temporary Marriage License

I got married the first time, when I was 21 and even from the beginning I knew it was a mistake. It wasn't a glaring mistake at first but now that I've had some time to think about things I knew that there were red flags and warning signs all along. I would have saved myself a lot of heartaches and headaches if I had noticed them from the start. But, I didn't so all I can do now is move on and learn from my mistakes. I might as well, I have plenty of them! I think kids in America get caught up in the wedding part of the equation and not as much attention is directed towards the marriage itself.

My ex, Jon, and I just weren't a good match and I can really see that now. Back then it wasn't as apparent and I think part of the problem was that I was dealing with my parents very messy divorce which really clouded my judgement and made me rush through some things because I was looking for a safety net. I was 19 and Jon was 20 when we met and he told me after we separated that I met him at a time in his life when he thought it was the right time to settle down and I was the best looking, single Christian girl he knew. It kinda sucked to hear it at first, to know that you were "chosen" because of circumstances like that but really, he's kind of right. If you grow up in a Christian home with those sort of "rules" to follow, when you meet someone in college who has those same ideals and you date them for a year or two what is the next logical step? Marriage of course! Well, it shouldn't be that way but I think a lot of other kids have fallen into that same situation. We were both brought up that it was wrong to have sex before marriage so when you date someone at that age and you don't have sex, I think you kind of rush through some of the steps to get to the final step, marriage, so that can finally stop pretending that you don't want to do "it". I know a number of other people I went to church with that ended up with starter marriages for pretty much the same reasons.

I saw the video posted above on CNN today and thought it was a great idea what Mexico City is thinking of doing. They are proposing to offer newlyweds a chance to "get out" of their marriage after 2 years. I think this is a GREAT idea and I've often thought that in the United States we should have a renewable marriage license. People will marry and divorce even if its not an option to renew their marriage license but for those that may not want to stay with that person F.O.R.E.V.E.R. it gives them the chance to end things on a positive note instead of going through a heartbreaking and traumatic divorce.

Divorce turns the marriage into a business transaction and allowing a renewable marriage license lets them keep the business stuff business and lets you focus on your relationship on a different level. People get their feelings hurt during divorces when you are trying to balance out the emotions in your relationship while also trying to deal with the finances and legalities involved.

I believe Mexico City's proposal also includes dealing with the business part of stuff at the beginning which I think is a really good idea. I'm married now and don't have a prenuptial but I think it would be a good idea to do one as part of a renewable marriage license to discuss everything at the beginning so things are fair, you know, while you still actually like the person, and then work on the relationship to make things work. Then if you choose not to renew the license its cut and dry, no messy divorces bickering over little things and causing a lot of hurt to all involved.


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