Friday, September 16, 2011

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

Then Came You: A Novel

Then Came You: A Novel

I kind of put Jennifer Weiner in a similar category of writer as Jodi Picoult or Grisham. I know going into the book that 100% of the time I will like the book, their books will always get me out of a reading slump and I always end up reading them as fast as possible.

I like that Weiner wrote about the issues involving non-traditional fertility methods such as surrogacy and egg donors. I've always found that topic really fascinating. I don't know if I could be an egg donor but I have thought about being a surrogate for a couple of friends. Well, not that they need it or have discussed it with me, more just thinking about who would make it onto that very exclusive list. I had a picture perfect pregnancy with my daughter so I would consider it again if I had a close friend or family member that was in need.

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  1. Then Came You has the same warmth, humour, and fully developed characters as In Her Shoes and Little Earthquakes. The story is told from four loosely connected and wildly different points of view, all of them equally developed and interesting. There are undertones of class struggle in this book which is a nice departure from other novels in this genre. The women are from different social backgrounds and their needs and wants are as unique and believable as any in real life. It was refreshing to read about Annie, a twenty-four year old mother of two who never went to college and only briefly held a job at Target. This could have been an "Oprah book club" character minus the cheesy life-affirming preachiness. The relationship between Annie and her husband felt all-too-real and could have been depressing were it not for Weiner's signature warmth and good humour. Reading India's chapters felt like watching a train-wreck - she seemed too unfeeling and manipulative to be true but by the end Weiner managed to convince me that such a vapid person could exist and showed how she had come to be this way. I laughed out loud in Bettina's chapters and Jules made you want to give her a hug.



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