Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Secret Kept

I read de Rosnay's earlier book, Sarah's Key and really enjoyed the writing and the story so I was really looking forward to her new book, A Secret Kept. It didn't quite suck me in as Sarah's Key but it was a really enjoyable book (I do tend to like stories about the Holocaust and that was a big part of why I think the other book really sucked me in so much). de Rosnay is really skilled at describing settings to make them seem so magical or romantic. I really want to see the places she's describing because of the way they sound.

This story follows the family as they retrace steps in order to figure out the truth of who they are and more to their story. To celebrate the 40th birthday of his sister Melanie, Antoine takes her back to the place they vacationed as kids to help possibly stir up things that they might have forgotten. After remembering some crucial details while driving, Melanie blacks out and runs the car off the road and lands herself in the hospital. I won't give the rest away but I will say it does leave you with a few questions.

Check out her earlier book which is currently being made into a movie which I will definitely see:

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