Friday, August 12, 2011

Couch to 5K-- Week 2, Day 3

I'm not sure how many states participate in "Sales Tax Free" shopping periods for back to school items but Florida has done this for a few years and I always try to make my purchases during this time. After the Week 2, Day 2 run my feet were killing me and I knew that it was time to purchase some actual running shoes. When I ran track and cross country in high school I bought my shoes from Track Shack in Orlando and learned that it does affect your running if you are wearing the wrong shoes. I did not go to Track Shack this time because it was too dang hot to sit in the car for an hour. I thought about going to a more local running shoe shop thats just outside of Daytona but I wanted to check out other stores in the mall so I decided to check at the mall first. Luckily, in Rack Room Shoes they had a lot of really good deals and I was able to score the shoes in the photo above for about $35, which is much lower than their $59 normal price. And you know I love a bargain...

So, on to the shoes. No, these were not chosen especially for my feet but I have had probably 8-9 pairs of Sauconys when I was in HS and knew that they worked really well with my narrow heel. I tried a few different pairs of Sauconys on yesterday and picked the shoe that felt nice and lightweight and which also had a narrow enough heel to keep my foot in place. Plus, they were the cutest AND the best price. I love pink sneakers and this was a nice, subdued pink design.

I wore these shoes tonight and they were awesome! My heels were held in place and I didn't feel like the front half of my foot was sliding everywhere. My feet were a tiny bit sore from when I did my Week 2, Day 2 run but I could tell that there wasn't any new areas that felt sore. Tonight's run felt fine on my feet and I was really happy that I didn't feel any sort of knee pain so I consider the new shoes a success. Two things I did learn though were that I should not have had a few spoonfuls of ice cream and that I notice a lot less of the leg/butt jiggle when I wear my spandex shorts. I didn't do that tonight and I was much more aware of how my legs didn't look or feel as toned when they weren't stuffed into spandex ;)

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