Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Couch to 5K-- Week 1, Day 2

Today I felt pumped up and ready to run when I got out there. The only bad thing is that its so freaking hot in Florida so I ran at 8:30pm and that was a little bit too late. The area where I finish my run is pretty dark and its not my favorite place to be when its that dark. I'm not afraid of people but I would rather not run near snakes and frogs when I'm running. I don't feel like getting my ankle bitten by a snake or feel a frog squishing beneath my shoe. I know its silly but I got so distracted thinking about that since I've already seen a snake and 2 frogs in the two times that I've run.

Stats for today's run:
2.39 miles
Time 40:34
Average pace 17:00 per mile

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