Monday, August 1, 2011

Couch to 5K-- Week 1, Day 1

Its amazing how hard it is to run 60 seconds without stopping when you are out of shape! I started the Couch to 5K program again today and I feel good for starting it but I know its going to be hard. I probably should have started it earlier in the year though, August in Florida can be pretty miserable but with August 1st starting on a Monday I figured it was a good time to begin. One other motivator is that this is a 6 week program and my birthday is 6 weeks from now. If I can make it to the end then I'll hit 33 a little bit healthier than I hit 32.

Couch to 5K is a great program that starts off really easy and gradually increases intensity so you don't do too much at once. Week 1's workout is a 5 minute warm up, which I tried to do a brisk walk which is then followed by a 60 second run and then a 90 second walk. Then it alternates running and walking for 20 minutes and then there is a 5 minute cool down.60 seconds sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, in theory it is. If you are out of shape or have never ran before then 60 seconds may be tough, but it IS still doable. There is no requirement to run as fast as you can or to sprint, a simple jog is all that you need to do and that is why this program works. In high school I ran cross country and track and OMG I wish I had stuck with it, but I'm trying to at least be more healthy now since I can't go back in time.

So, tonight's run wasn't too bad. It was a little difficult but my overwhelming feeling was that I felt glad that I was actually out there doing it. I run with my iPhone and was using the Couch to 5K app as well as the Run Keeper app so I was able to track my mileage by GPS. The only thing that bugs me is that my average pace isn't really correct now since most of the workout was walking. I overestimated my route and ended up spending a lot of time walking back home after I did the run and the cool down. For the next run I was contemplating finding a shorter route but hopefully I'll progressively get faster so I should probably stick with that same route to see how far I get in that amount of time. Eventually I should get closer to home when that 20 minutes is up and my average pace won't look so slow when there isn't so much walking

Stats for today's run:
2.38 miles
Time 40:05
Average pace 16:48 per mile

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