Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Most Hated Americans

America's 10 Most Hated People - Photos - WESH Orlando

Saw this online tonight and thought it was interesting to see who topped the list. Some of these people don't even really register on my radar anymore so I'm guessing these are just overall hatred and not necessarily recent people.

10. Howard Stern--Um, haven't thought about him in a "hate" sort of mode for a loooong time

9. Heidi Fleiss--Same as above, although I don't know if I ever hated her.

8. Paris Hilton--I've never hated her. I'm not really a fan but never a hater. She doesn't really do anything though so I don't know how you could be a fan or a hater

7. Jesse James--I'd say maybe a 6 out of 10 on the hate scale. Sandra Bullock came out with the Oscar and a baby so I'm just happy she got away from him

6. Levi Johnson--He is a young punk so no real hate here either

5. OJ Simpson--All I can say is Bravo! to his legal team. I think he's guilty for sure

4. Octomom--I feel sorry for her. Thats all

3. Jon Gosselin--How did he end up on here and not Kate Gosselin? She's kinda in that evil shrew category so I can't blame him for anything he did.

2. Spencer Pratt--Oh please, please stop talking about the two of them! We've been doing good keeping them out of the news lately, lets not screw it up.

1. Casey Anthony--Now that she's out of jail I wonder what its like to read stuff like this online about yourself? I think she is guilty too. Its a shame that little girl is gone but I believe in the end Casey will get what she deserves

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