Saturday, July 30, 2011

Real Housewives of New York City

I used to like this show but now I'm finding that there isn't really anyone on the show that I like anymore. Or maybe it just bugs me because the people I used to like have changed so much.

Cindy--I want to like her but she just seems clueless. She is overreacting about all sorts of things that everyone says and never really seems to take any responsibility for HER part in the problems. Her kids are cute and I like that she's a savvy business woman but I'd have a higher opinion of her if she'd just come out and say, "ok, yeah I took what you said the wrong way" or "ok, maybe I overreacted a little". Instead, nothing. She acts like a martyr.

Sonja--Ok, I do like her. I think that the problems she has with other women on the show are justified, I'd be offended by the same things. She's a little wacky and off the wall sometimes but I think she's genuinely a nice person. Of course, that could all be in the editing but I still think she is very likable. She looks a little like Glen Close too, the prettier, more feminine version LOL

Alex--I do like Alex but I do feel like shaking her and telling her to chill out. I really enjoyed her the first 2-3 seasons but she is getting a little out of hand sometimes with her emotions. She does make her voice heard more this season but I think her desire to be heard takes away a little from the actual point she is making. Her points are all valid but if you yell them out then people end up focusing on the yelling part of the conversation and nothing else.

Jill--I have to admit, I used to really like Jill the first two seasons. Seasons 3 and 4, she is definitely not one of my favorites. She doesn't come across as likable and she seems to always get involved in drama. There is no reason for her to tell Alex during the reunion that Alex is a "F-ing Bitch". Jill needs to stop trying to get involved with everyone and focus more on what made her a favorite when she was friends with Bethenny. She had fun and she didn't get involved in so many fights. Come on, we need the old Jill Zarin back! No more drama please!!! She does admit when she is wrong after its pointed out so she does get credit for that. I just wish that the drama in between could be cut out LOL

Kelly--I'm not sure what to say about Kelly. At times she seems to be playing with less than a full deck and other times she sounds coherent and makes sense. Overall, I do not like her. I don't think that she takes responsibility for herself or her actions (see a theme here?). Over the last few seasons I've heard "I'm nice, I'm a peace keeper" but I think thats all BS because she teams up with Jill, Cindy or LuAnn and they get into "mean girl" mode because they are all ganged up against Ramona, Cindy or Alex. Kelly is very spacey though so I don't know if any of these things are fixable.

LuAnn--She was also one of my favorites the first few seasons. Sure, she is snooty but she seems much more mentally stable than Ramona or Kelly. I do think that she is drawn to the drama and I don't like LuAnn when she teams up with Kelly, Cindy or Jill. She is a little better than most though when she admits things that she feels uncomfortable with or what she did wrong. If she could get rid of the "mean girl" mentality a little more she'd be even more likable.

Ramona--What to say about Ramona? Kind of hard to put into words what she's like. She is W.A.C.K.Y. but I do think at heart she is a nice person, she just a little off the wall. She drinks a little too much and doesn't always use the best judgement about confrontation but I do think she is coming at it with the best of intentions. It will be interesting to see how she ends up.

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