Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Read but a Nice Story

I've been following The Pioneer Woman for a little while now and have enjoyed reading her blog and making some of her recipes. I'll go into the recipes later but for now, I wanted to comment on her new book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I'd read part of the story on her blog when she posted some of the story so I had a good idea of what I'd read. I was a tiny bit disappointed that some of the things that sounded dramatic were not really anything special. In particular, I'm referring to the reason why they left their Honeymoon in Australia early (diarrhea and food poisoning) and the "tragic death" right after they got married, which ended up being her husband's cousin (I think).

Not quite what it was hyped up to be but thats ok. If I hadn't read those teasers 2 years ago then I never would have had high expectations about those dramatic events. Its a nice story and the tension described surrounding her dating Marlboro Man (her nickname for her husband) while trying to break it off with her former boyfriend is reason enough to pick up the book. Oh wait, there are recipes in the back! Thats at least two good reasons to pick up the book :)

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